Digital Innovation in Anthropology

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Our mission is to innovate the digital aspect of Anthropology.

By developing new digital tools for ethnography, anthropologists can gather deeper insights into humanity at the pace and scale of data science, making big data more human, equal and ethical.


We are honored to launch, with UNESCO, The Global Partnership to Advance Digital Innovation in Anthropology.

The first phase of the partnership is a four-year collaboration to unleash a global movement to identify new open-source technologies, academic programs, career opportunities and awareness raising of anthropology's power to create a more ethical, cohesive, empathetic society.
LiiV Center and UNESCO
LiiV Center and UNESCO

Our Work

Global Community

We are building a global community of anthropologists, data scientists and practitioners to collaborate on digital innovation and awareness raising in the field through global forums, open innovation, research projects, workshops,events, conferences and more.

Impact Partnerships

Partnerships are a cornerstone of how we drive impact. In addition to our UNESCO partnership, we look to engage like-minded organizations to help us advance digital innovation in anthropology through research projects and awareness.

Get involved

We are looking for motivated experts and changemakers in social science, humanities, data science, public policy and private sector leadership around the world to build this movement. Join the conversation